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Pixelate Video Productions offers a wide range of Atlanta Video Production services. From full video production services with our own Director and Cinematographer options to acting as the production company and coordinator for visiting directors, other production houses, and agencies, to camera crew services, and local producer services. If you have a vision for a commercial production, social media spot, marketing film, or music video let us help you make that vision come to a reality with our experience, contacts, and top end production services.

As a development team, we have the imagination to come up with creative content – the know-how, the best contacts, and the experience to coordinate a production, and the drive and professionalism to get the job done right. When not producing our own projects we have acted as the Producer and Coordinator for a wide range of local and out of state brands, agencies and production companies. If you are looking to film a project in Atlanta GA or anywhere in the surrounding area please contact us and we will get it done with ease and on cost.

How Can Video Production Services Boost
Your Business’ Potential?

Did you know that internet users are more inclined to watch a video instead of reading an article when they want to find out more information about a particular product, service or topic? Information which is conveyed through a video is much more digestible and easy to understand, not to mention that it can have a more powerful impact on people’s imagination. If you currently own a business and you want to drive more traffic towards your website, integrating highly professional videos is the right thing to do to increase click-through rates and conversions.

At Pixelate Video, we specialize in video production and we use state-of-the-art technology and technical know-how to create captivating video clips which will amaze your audience. We have a broad range of connections and specialists working with us, helping your business at an affordable price. If you are interested in our Atlanta video production services, keep reading this article to learn how we can help your business boom and become more profitable in the near future.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short clip which tells the story and mission of your business in 90 seconds or less. The attention span of the average internet user is very short these days because we are constantly bombarded with bits of information from all directions. You only have 90 seconds or less to make a great impression and convince your audience that your products and services are worth it. We can work with your crew to create eye-catching explainer videos which convey the right message at the right time for the right audience, ensuring that you leave a positive impression on your customers’ mind.

Training Videos

Do you want to present a new marketing strategy to your employers? Are you interested in creating great how-to guides to educate your sales force about the benefits of a certain product? Developing a great training video is the right thing to do in this case. A well-thought training video is much more efficient in captivating your audience’s attention in comparison with a PowerPoint presentation, for example. Based on your information and specific needs, we can create a beautiful video which engages the viewer and keeps his attention on the screen.

Our video production techniques are varied and we use professional cameras to create a stunning educational video that will have a great impact on your audience. We are also capable of organizing your training videos according to your preferences so that viewers can skip to the chapters they are most interested in. A well-thought training video can save a tremendous amount of money and time if it is done correctly, so make sure you let our professionals use their vast know-how when it comes to video production to get the best results possible.

Corporate Videos

We are aware that corporate videos are becoming increasingly popular these days and they can quickly boost the online presence of your business. Corporate videos are usually shown to the employers of your company, investors, potential clients and other business professionals. They should be crafted with utmost attention to details, so the message you want to convey is clearly understood by your audience. A professional corporate video will also lend more credibility to investors and business partners while improving your overall company image.

Educational videos

The internet offers a large database of information which is accessible anywhere, anytime. You can take advantage of this and create e-learning courses which teach certain knowledge to students all over the world. The best e-learning and educational courses are displayed in a video format and we can help you put your ideas and lessons to good use, creating interesting educational videos for your audience.

We are aware that creating an educational video requires top-quality video production systems as well as superior editing skills. We have the necessary expertise and connections to capture your ideas and put them in digital format, to be sold or broadcasted to your students. Whether you teach driving lessons or a complex sales course, our specialists will put your message in a great light, allowing you to reach more people at once and make a great impression.

Industrial Videos

An industrial video can have multiple purposes, from educating an audience on how to use a particular product to transmitting the real value of certain services to a broad range of industries. These videos are quite complex and that’s why we strongly recommend collaborating with a professional video production company like ours. You can present your industrial video to your employers, business partners, and to people at trade fairs to attract more potential clients and expand the boundaries of your business.

While creating an industrial video, we are aware that certain terms can be quite difficult to translate in various languages or explained on camera, that’s why we work with professional technical writers who know how to convey your message in a proper manner. Our specialists have years of experience creating industrial videos in different niches and we can help you boost credibility, exposure, influence, and sales.

Branded Video Content

If you are an authority on your niche, it is normal to want to create original, 100% unique video content and watermark it for protection and advertising purposes. Whether you want short, fitness-related video clips to support your fitness products and services or you offer detailed explanations about the goods you sell, branding your content is the right thing to do and our professionals can help you with that. You should take advantage of the expertise of a skilled Atlanta videographer and fill your website with informative, branded video content that will result in more conversions and paying customers.

Music Videos

Do you want to take the music industry by storm? Most people are thrilled by a great voice and excellent sound effects, but the video which accompanies a musical production is also highly important. There are numerous factors which should be taken into account when creating a music video and we collaborate with a plethora of experts in music production. Our specialists have the necessary expertise to create a stunning music video which will act as a launching pad for an upcoming artist! Don’t hesitate to request our professional Atlanta video production services if you are interested in creating music videos and similar video content.

Sports and Fitness Videos

Are you a fitness professional? Do you want to produce high-quality video clips for your blog or website? Do you want to train large groups of people at once? Creating a stunning sports and fitness video takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention that superior video editing skills are required as well. An experienced Atlanta videographer will be capable to put together a stunning fitness presentation to attract more clients or train your current ones. At Pixelate Video, we can create video footage in virtually any length, resolution, and image quality, to meet your particular preferences and needs.

Most people also ask for high-quality video footage which is preferably filmed in full HD or even 4K. We have the necessary video production equipment to create a stunning fitness video clip for your audience, so don’t hesitate to try out our video production services.

Commercial Videos

Advertising is the soul of commerce! The right commercial video displayed to the right audience can quickly translate into huge profits and success in your particular niche. Most commercial videos are up to several minutes long and they need to be captivating and eye-catching because people these days tend to get bored very quickly. We use advanced editing techniques and superior video production systems to create a beautiful commercial video on the products and services of your choice.

Our technical know-how includes script editing, video planning, adding voice-overs, performing color corrections, and other services to create a really unique and memorable commercial video. Feel free to contact our specialists today to set up an appointment and give us more details about your particular project.

Feature Films

If you think you have a brilliant idea which needs to be shown on screens, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We specialize in creating feature films in different lengths and tackling a broad range of topics and niches. Making a feature film from scratch is a complex project which needs professional supervision and state-of-the-art equipment. Our specialists work hand-in-hand with experienced directors, filmmakers, and writers who can create a script and direct your movie. Thanks to the fact that we have different types of cameras which can film from various angles, your movie will also look very attractive and enticing, capturing the essence and dynamism of every scene.

These are just a few of the video production services we offer to our customers. We can tackle our expertise to fit your particular needs, creating a beautiful and eye-catching video that will train, inspire or convince audiences. Remember that people would rather “click the play button” instead of reading information, so if you convey your message the right way, you are more likely to become successful with your business.

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